Taking Care of Your Teeth

Your oral cavity is home to over seven hundred species of bacteria. Each species consists of billions of bacteria that form a kind of biofilm over the several surfaces in your mouth. However, not all these bacteria are dangerous for your health. There are billions of friendly bacteria as well. But then, you need to think about the remaining billions that are not friendly and that constantly try to ruin your health. These dangerous bacteria can cause your teeth to rot, create bad breath and lead to oral diseases such as caries, periodontitis and tonsils infections. Research has also found that some bacteria mix with the blood and are capable of vital organs such as lungs and heart. So, you need to follow basics of oral hygiene and control the thriving life forms in your mouth.

How do you know if your oral care is effective?

You can follow a number of preventive methods in order to keep your mouth healthy. A good oral care regime can be judged by three main parameters – absence of bad breath, absence of aches or bleeding in the teeth or gums and absence of sensitivity caused when something hot or cold is consumed.

Oral care tips

The most basic way to maintain oral hygiene is to brush twice and floss once every day. It is also important to clean the tongue when you brush. After brushing and cleaning the tongue, gargle well with a mouthwash. Good oral health depends on the brushing technique as well. So, the next time you visit a dentist, ask him about the right way of brushing.

Secondly, gargle after every meal. When you eat, tiny food particles stick to your insides of your mouth. These particles are a feast for the bacteria. Gargling ruins their party and keeps your mouth healthy.

Your mouth cavity has a pH level of 6.5, which means that it is neither acidic nor basic in nature. When you eat, the juices from the food disturb this balance. Depending on what you eat, your mouth becomes either acidic or basic, both of which are bad for the teeth. After you eat, it takes around 20 minutes for the pH level of your mouth to be restored. By gargling thoroughly with water, you can bring the pH level to normal sooner and protect your teeth.

Eating balanced meals is also very important in order to maintain oral hygiene. Too much acidity or too much of salt cause harm to the teeth and expedite rotting and other oral diseases. Also, balanced meals have all the nutrients necessary to maintain good oral health. Fluoride is essential for the good health of the teeth since it strengthens teeth and prevents dental diseases such as cavities. Using toothpaste or mouthwash which is infused with fluoride is good. However, too much fluoride causes unsightly staining on teeth.

You can keep your oral cavity healthier and cleaner by chewing a couple of cloves every morning. Chewing releases juices from cloves. These enzymes have medicinal properties that protect teeth. Keep away from eating too many sweets, oily substances and drinking too much coffee, aerated drinks and alcohol. So, with a bit of caution about what you consume and the way you maintain your mouth, your oral cavity remains healthy for long.


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